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Reduce in Plastic Waste and Carbon Footprint

As a recycling company, we place a strong emphasis on environmental issues, particularly greenhouse gas emissions and plastic waste problems. On an annual basis, we handle an average of 7,300 tonnes of plastic waste, and transforming it into valuable resources.

In 2022, we implemented a 320kW solar system, which allowed us to save a substantial amount of energy that would have otherwise been generated from fossil fuels.

On average, this 320-kW solar system can generate 448,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh), which results in a reduction of 438,000 pounds of CO2 emissions per year.


Solar System




of CO2 Emissions Per Year


Occupational Safety & Health
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As a recycling company, we prioritize both environmental concerns and the health and safety of our employees.

We strictly adhere to the requirements set by the Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH).

To ensure employee safety, we closely monitor the implementation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) within our company. Furthermore, we provide our employees with appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to safeguard them from potential risks during their work.

By implementing these measures, we strive to create a safe working environment for our employees as we firmly believe that safety should always be the top priority.


Risk Management

We have appointed professionals to conduct Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment, and Risk Control (HIRARC) processes. Additionally, we have proceeded with Noise Risk Assessor (NRA) and Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) tests for our employees and the environment.

Through these tests, we can ensure that the noise and air quality levels resulting from our operations do not exceed the limits and pose any harm to our employees or the environment.